Saturday, February 25, 2012

On bravery and other things

Reading back through my last posts, I realise just how brave it can be - professionally and personally - to admit to making mistakes.

When I started tracing genealogy, no one I knew was also doing it. Libraries and archives were still "hush hush" affairs (i.e.- you avoided talking at all costs). No one showed me what to do. The internet didn't really exist, and I just did the best I knew how.

When I walked into libraries, archives and LDS family history centres, people just got on with what they were doing. If you wanted something you asked at the counter. No one offered you any assistance. Everyone seemed to assume you knew what you were doing.

No one ever asked me if I needed anything more substantial in the way of assistance.

Was I unlucky?

I made heaps of mistakes in the beginning - and have learned by them along the way.

As a librarian, I'd hate to think that we do the same thing these days?

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